Court Rules Bennington PFOA Lawsuit Can Proceed as Class Action

In a precedent setting Order issued August 23, 2019, a federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit brought by a group of residents of Bennington and North Bennington, Vermont damaged by PFOA groundwater contamination can proceed against defendant Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics as a class action. These residents, who are represented by Davis & Whitlock, P.C. and Vermont law firms Langrock, Sperry, & Wool, LLP and Barr, Sternberg, Moss, Silver, & Munson P.C., seek property damages due to the contamination of their drinking water and medical monitoring due to their exposure to PFOA and increased risk of disease. As a result of this Order, Davis & Whitlock and its Vermont co-counsel will now pursue these claims against Saint-Gobain on behalf of all Bennington residents similarly impacted by this PFOA contamination.

Judge grants class status in Bennington PFOA lawsuit