Jamie Whitlock Named to Business North Carolina’s 2021 Legal Elite For Environmental Law

Davis & Whitlock is proud to announce that Business North Carolina has named Jamie Whitlock to the 2021 North Carolina Legal Elite, the magazine’s annual listing of the state’s top lawyers.  Jamie has over fifteen years of experience fighting for environmental protection and on behalf of victims of environmental damage, and is honored to have his name included among so many of North Carolina’s best lawyers.




Davis & Whitlock is investigating the circumstances surrounding, and representing clients impacted by, the August 14, 2020 discovery of a leak in the Colonial Pipeline in Huntersville, North Carolina, near the intersection of Huntersville-Concord Road and Asbury Chapel Road.  As of September 13, 2020, Colonial has estimated to federal regulators that at least 272,500 gallons, or approximately 6500 barrels, of gasoline has been released as a result of the leak. However, Colonial has not yet been able to recover all of this gasoline released into the environment.  The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) is requiring Colonial to, among other measures, sample residential drinking water wells within 1500 feet of the release to ensure that no gasoline constituents have reached drinking water supplies.   Colonial is also, under the direction of NCDEQ, monitoring surface waters, soils, and groundwater in the area around the pipeline release, and, as of September 15, 2020, has reported exceedances of North Carolina groundwater quality standards for, among other gasoline constituents, benzene. The location in the pipeline where the leak was detected was the subject of a previous “repair” in 2004.  For more information, please contact us at (828) 622-0044.

DEQ cites Colonial Pipeline for gasoline spill, material includes cancer-causing chemicals


Davis & Whitlock Obtains Settlement for Victims of Pegasus Pipeline Rupture in Arkansas

Davis & Whitlock, in conjunction with the Mickel & Chapman law firm out of Conway, Arkansas, has obtained an settlement which will conclude litigation filed against the ExxonMobil Pipeline Company on behalf of residents of Mayflower, Arkansas arising out of the March 29, 2013, rupture of ExxonMobil’s Pegasus Pipeline, which captured national attention. On Good Friday, 2013, the Pegasus Pipeline ruptured in a residential subdivision in Mayflower, causing 5,000 barrels of heavy Canadian Tar Sands crude oil to flow into residents’ yards, under their homes, through the town of Mayflower, and into Lake Conway.  The rupture led to the evacuation and permanent displacement of many residents, the presence of toxic petroleum fumes in and around Mayflower for many weeks, and a year long clean-up which transformed much of Mayflower into an industrial work zone.  Davis & Whitlock is pleased to announce that the matter was concluded on terms that were satisfactory to the Plaintiffs.